Sentencing Advocacy Competition

6:00pm Tuesday, 15 August 2017
7:00pm Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Auckland High Court
Cnr Waterloo Quadrant and Parliament Streets
AUCKLAND, Auckland 1010
New Zealand

The Sentencing Advocacy Competition brought to you by the Ministry of Justice and the New Zealand Bar Association provides an opportunity for law students to learn how the sentencing process works and to develop their advocacy skills by appearing before Judges of the Auckland High Court. 
Competitors will be given a fact scenario of a crime committed by a fictional offender, and allocated a role as prosecution or defence.  Adopting courtroom etiquette and attire, you will make submissions to a High Court Judge and respond to questions from the bench.  Your aim will be to persuade the Judge to impose on the offender the sentence they think is not only appropriate, but also most advantageous to your client.  You will be provided with materials to assist your preparation, however, in addition independent research will be required.

The competition consists of a preliminary round held at the Auckland and Hamilton High Courts, and a semi-final and final round held at the Auckland High Court. 

Following preliminary rounds in Auckland and Hamilton on 3 August 2017 involving 24 competitors — 16 from the University of Auckland, four from Auckland University of Technology and four from the University of Waikato. Eight competitors have been chosen for the semi-final which was held on 10 August 2017, two of whom have proceeded to the final on 15 August 2017. 

The final round of the Sentencing Competition is open to the public and will be held in Courtroom 1, Auckland High Court on Tuesday 15 August starting at 6.00pm.  Prizes for the two finalists are sponsored by the New Zealand Bar Association; the overall winner will receive a $700 cash prize and the runner-up a $300 cash prize. Members are invited to attend. The competition will be followed by refreshments.

Please see 2017 final poster below for full information on the final.

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