Mentoring Programme

Graphic of word MentoringThe Mentoring Programme is available to members of the NZBA. It provides an opportunity for less experienced practitioners and members who are new to the Independent Bar to receive valuable support and guidance in their professional development from a senior member of the NZBA.

The programme is an informal arrangement that is made between a mentor and mentee.  The informality is deliberate, as there are far too many variables to consider a "one size fits all" approach and the aim is to allow a mentee to develop at his or her own pace.  

The programme is not a substitute for continuing legal education. Nor is it intended as a junioring scheme or a "friends panel".  Essentially, the mentor is someone who can provide a helpful "sounding board" for the mentee in advancing his or her professional development.

View the Mentoring Guidelines here.


The Council encourages senior members of the Bar to be prepared to mentor the more junior members of the profession. Members must be interested in being a mentor and enthusiastic about the programme and be prepared to commit some valuable time and energy to the mentee.  It is up to the potential mentor(s), however, to decide whether to accept any request made to them to act as a mentor for a particular mentee.

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There is a list of potential mentors on this website. Mentees are advised to select two or three options as the Mentor of choice may not be available. After a Mentee has filled in the application form, the  Executive Director will then consult with prospective mentors and advise the mentee who will be their mentor. 

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