Acting judges appointed

The Attorney-General has announced acting warrants for several District Court and Family Court Judges. They are:

  1. Anthony Peter Christiansen (for two years from 17 April 2020)

  2. Philip James Recordon (for two years from 4 April 2020)

  3. David John Harvey - including criminal jurisdiction under 354(3) of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011, (from 5 March 2020 to 31 December 2021)
  4. Timothy Hindmarsh Druce, - including Family Court jurisdiction (for two years from 12 December 2019)

  5. Lawrence Irwin Hinton - criminal jurisdiction (for two years from 29 December 2019

  6. Allan Christopher Roberts, - including criminal jurisdiction (for one year from 30 January 2020).

  7. David Christopher Ruth - including criminal jurisdiction (for two years from 27 March 2020)

  8. David Graham Smith including criminal jurisdiction and Family Court jurisdiction (for two years from 21 February 2020)

The appointment of Mark Eversfield Perkins, retired Employment Court Judge, to be an acting judge of the Employment Court, was also announced. His 12-month term will run from 28 December 2019.

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