Applications for appointment as Queen’s Counsel

Applications for appointment as Queen’s Counsel opened on 20 June 2022.  Counsel seeking appointment as Queen’s Counsel should write to the Solicitor-General, by 17 July 2022. The letter of application must be accompanied by a completed application form. The form provided reflects the requirements of the Regulations and these Guidelines. The Guidelines and the application form may be found on Crown Law’s website:

It is expected appointments will be made in October 2022.

The Attorney-General has noted that:

"In recommending barristers to take silk I want to have a good understanding of each applicant's personal contribution to advancing better access to justice for those who need it. It will be an important factor in my decisions.”

Applicants are reminded that, as the New Zealand Law Society and the New Zealand Bar Association are organisations that are consulted formally on appointment, it is not appropriate to make direct approaches to the presidents or officers of the organisations (or those involved in the organisations' consultations). This reminder includes lobbying on behalf of yourself or others, seeking guidance or asking them to be referees.

Likewise it is not appropriate to contact the Solicitor-General, Attorney-General or members of the bench directly about your application.  As mentioned in the guidelines, members of the judiciary cannot be referees.   

The Bar Association introduced a process several years ago to ensure independence and objectivity. The process involves assessments and recommendations by an independent advisory group, and only after the group has assessed each candidate carefully.

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