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Comment Sought on Second Review of the Evidence Act 2006

The NZBA is seeking feedback from members in respect of the Law Commission’s recently announced second review of the Evidence Act 2006.
The NZBA has been invited to both meet with the Law Commission and make submissions in response to the Commission’s second review of the Evidence Act 2006. The first review of the Act was technical. The second review is more comprehensive and provides a very real opportunity for the Association to not only identify issues relevant to our members, but to make recommendations. 

The terms of reference for the second statutory review may be viewed by clicking here. The review covers many of the sections of the Act that members deal with on a daily basis with much of the debate often generated by cases conducted by members. The experiences and opinions of our members are valued and we now seek your input. Please take the time to look at the terms of reference. 
Click here to view and/or download the more detailed Law Commission Issues Paper. Although voluminous, it is very well indexed and the individual sections under review are dealt with succinctly. You can easily grasp the topics, and click to those that interest you by turning on the bookmarks for the PDF, and reading those (if a 265 page document puts you off).
The NZBA has formed a sub-committee to collate the views of members and to prepare a written submission. Those members are:

  • Paul Radich QC
  • Jonathan Eaton QC
  • Robert Lithgow QC
  • Nicolette Levy
  • Simon Shamy
  • Matt Phelps
  • Matthew Smith 
  • Donna-Maree Cross

Please feel free to contact anyone of those persons directly to discuss any matter associated with the review. Otherwise you are invited to forward your thoughts/comments/submission in any form to Melissa Perkin; or direct to the Law Commission.
We particularly invite any junior members who might be interested in researching particular provisions to join our working group.
May we please hear from interested members on or before 24 April 2018.

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