King's Counsel 2024 Announced

The Attorney-General has announced the appointment of the following King's Counsel.

  • Philip Austin Joseph, Professor of Christchurch
  • Philip John Shamy, Barrister of Christchurch
  • Todd Alastair Simmonds, Barrister of Auckland
  • Robert Kahu Parrish Stewart, Barrister of Auckland
  • Garry Claude Williams, Barrister of Auckland
  • Zane Garrick Kennedy, Barrister of Auckland
  • Kelly Michael Quinn, Barrister of Auckland
  • Katherine Anderson, Barrister of Auckland
  • Wendy Louise Aldred, Barrister of Wellington
  • Timothy Counsell Stephens, Barrister of Wellington
  • Douglas Alexander Ewen, Barrister of Wellington
  • Anne Marie Toohey, Barrister of Christchurch
  • Sarah Anne Armstrong, Barrister of Auckland
  • Christopher William John Stevenson, Barrister of Wellington
  • Daniel Robert Kalderimis, Barrister of Wellington
  • Alanya Cheryl Limmer, Barrister of Christchurch
  • Sally Rhiannon Gepp, Barrister of Nelson
  • Samuel Norman Brydon Wimsett, Barrister of Auckland
  • Nura Wheatley Taefi, Barrister of Auckland

They are listed in order of appointment reflecting their original dates of admission to the Bar. 

The New Zealand Bar Association | Ngā Ahorangi Motuhake o Te Ture congratulates the new Silks.


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