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NZBA Conduct and Values Policy May 2018

There is an expectation from the legal profession and the public that barristers will at all times act with integrity and uphold the rule of law.

There are particular professional obligations on all lawyers, including barristers, to act with the highest standards of integrity.  All barristers and chambers who have employees or contractors should establish procedures for dealing with complaints, so that complainants are able to come forward and be provided with options for dealing with their complaint, formally or informally.  

The New Zealand Bar Association Conduct and Values Committee has prepared a Conduct and Values Policy as a resource for barristers. This policy looks at the definitions of discrimination and harassment, avenues for complaint and support and the obligation to report matters to the New Zealand Law Society.

Included with the policy is a model policy document for use by barristers’ chambers. The policy is attached at  the bottom of this page.  

Please click here for more information about the Conduct and Values Committee.

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