NZBA congratulates Chief District Court Judge Jan‑Marie Doogue

The New Zealand Bar Association congratulates Chief District Court Judge Jan‑Marie Doogue on her appointment to the High Court.

NZBA Vice-President, Jonathan Eaton QC, notes that Judge Doogue has had an impressive career to date, from becoming a partner in a law firm at age 26 through to leading Australasia’s largest Court.

In her role as Chief Judge, the Judge received several AIJA Incorporated Awards for Excellence in Judicial Administration.

“These awards are a recognition of the changes her Honour has guided the District Court through since her appointment as Chief Judge in 2011,” says Mr Eaton. “One of the biggest challenges has been to oversee the merging of 59 individual District Courts into a single Court. Under her leadership, despite the challenges surrounding resourcing, the Court is well-positioned for the future.”

Judge Doogue’s tenure also saw the development of specialised courts such as the Matariki Court, the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court and the New Beginnings Court. Mr Eaton comments that it is this type of innovative development that will ensure the best criminal justice outcomes for society.

Her Honour is also a champion of the judiciary as a career option for those in the profession. She has spoken and written about this and has worked to promote diversity in appointments to the bench. Throughout her own time on the bench, Judge Doogue has applied humanity and compassion when dealing with those who appear before her.

While Judge Doogue’s considerable skills as both a judge and judicial administrator will be missed at the District Court, the High Court will benefit from her experience as a former Family and District Court Judge. “The NZBA wishes her Honour well in her future judicial career,” says Mr Eaton.


Jonathan Eaton QC, NZBA Vice-President

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