Dr Rhonda Louise Powell TEP

Athene Trust Law
Dr Rhonda Powell
Dr Rhonda Louise Powell TEP
LLB (Hons), BA, LLM, DPhil

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PO Box 33349, Barrington, Christchurch 8244

About Me

I am a Christchurch-based trust specialist barrister and an Associate of STEP. I have experience advising wealthy individuals and families in relation to succession-planning and asset protection in London and Melbourne.

I offer trust-related legal advice, legal research and legal opinions, independent trust reviews, precedent updates, educational seminars and drafting services. I am available to act in court proceedings alongside other barristers.

Prior to commencing practice as a barrister, I was a Senior Lecturer Above the Bar at the University of Canterbury School of Law.

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  • Equity and/or Trusts
Practice Locations
  • All regions
  • Canterbury

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