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Titles for Purchase Topics Discussed

Worksafe Prosecutions (November 2017)
1.5 hrs CPD

Presented by:
Her Hon. Judge Jan-Marie Doogue
 Sue Petricevic and
Fletcher Pilditch
Chaired by: Nick Chisnall

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The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 was one of the most significant workplace health and safety reforms in 20 years. Presented by Her Honour, Jan-Marie Doogue, Chief District Court Judge, Sue Petricevic, and Fletcher Pilditch, and chaired by Nick Chisnall, this webinar updates you on key areas of the worksafe law.

  • Sources of complexity in Health & Safety trials and how to resolve them;
  • Admissions of facts;
  • How charges are particularised;
  • Disclosure of expert evidence;
  • Questions of causation - when and how to address them;
  • Enforceable undertakings;
  • Sentencing decisions;
  • Significant recent case law.

Pricing for this webinar:

Non member $168.00

Member $134.40


The Art of Listening (September 2017)
1.5 hrs CPD

Presented by:
Dr Emily Beausoleil and
Rodney Hansen QC
Chaired by: Garry Williams

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Most people believe that if they have a good message, and have checked their facts, the audience will listen to them.

This webinar considers the neuroscience of listening and suggests how to cultivate the best conditions for listening and engagement.

However, studies show that when we are confronted by information that contradicts what we already believe, we can become more entrenched in our views and may even misread/mishear information. The flow of cortisol or adrenalin in the body cuts off blood flow in the frontal lobes of the brain and impairs our ability to access our higher thought functions and responsivity to the unfamiliar. Equally, environmental and physical factors can adversely affect our listening response. 

If information is not enough, what else might make the difference in helping us to hear what we don’t want to hear?

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Non member $179.00

Member $143.20

Prosecutorial Misconduct
(September 2017)
1.5 hrs CPD

Presented by:
Aaron Perkins QC and
Richard Marchant
Chaired by: Asishna Prasad

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For sometime now, the alleged errors of defence counsel during the conduct of a criminal trial have been a common ground of appeal against conviction. More recently, Higher Courts have been prepared to scrutinise the conduct of prosecutors. Including the requirement for accuracy in addresses made to juries, cross-examining in an overbearing manner, incorrect statements on the law, intemperate language and the introduction of inadmissible evidence. Some of the  ways in which a prosecutor can transgress are not necessarily obvious.

This webinar is aimed at both prosecutors and defence, and is suitable for all levels. It is also suitable for those involved in regulatory prosecutions.

Pricing for this webinar:

Non member $159.00

Member $127.20

Running a Paperless Hearing: Using Electronic Casebooks (July 2017)
1.5 hrs CPD

Presented by:
Philip Cornege and Josh McBride
Chaired by: Gretta Schumacher

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Paperless hearings are here. They aren’t some distant innovation you can worry about later. With the development of the Higher Courts Electronic Documents Protocol, the use of electronic casebooks in the High Court, Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court is being encouraged, and will soon be inevitable in all hearings. This reflects moves in other jurisdictions.

Key concerns for practitioners are:

  • Why should you use an electronic casebook?
  • What do you need in terms of hardware and software to produce and use electronic casebooks?
  • How do you use this technology to translate your old hardcopy practices for use with electronic documents?
  • How do you use an electronic casebook in a hearing to find material?
  • How do you lead the judge through your casebook?
  • What will you do without your colour coded post-its?

Many practitioners will be surprised to learn that it is easier to find material that is stored electronically, that you can colour code, annotate, and organise material effectively, and that once you learn your way around electronic casebooks, you won’t want to go back to paper.

  • Creating material in an effective electronic format
  • Organisation of material
  • Effective annotation before and during a hearing
  • Quick retrieval of documents and information during a hearing
  • Advocacy techniques with electronic casebook

Pricing for this webinar:

Non member $140.00

Member $112.00

The Perfect Junior
(May 2017)
CPD 1.5 hrs

Presented by:
Clive Elliott QC
Jonathan Eaton QC and
Simon Ladd
Chaired by: Lara Mannis

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This webinar gives practical advice on what senior counsel look for in their junior, and what juniors should expect of senior counsel. This webinar will outline:

  • The range of involvement that juniors can expect in matters
  • What information to have ready for the first meeting
  • Managing the case
  • Advocacy skills
  • Training and developing opportunities to practice skills
  • Managing senior counsel’s expectations
  • How to handle difficult conversations

Pricing for this webinar:

Non member $95.00

Member $76.00