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The Art of Listening and Getting People to Listen - live or recording (1.5 hrs CPD)

5:00pm Wednesday, 27 September 2017
CPD Training
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New Zealand

Most people believe that if they have a good message, and have checked their facts, the audience will listen to them. 

However, studies show that when we are confronted by information that contradicts what we already believe, we can become more entrenched in our views and may even misread/mishear information. The flow of cortisol or adrenalin in the body cuts off blood flow in the frontal lobes of the brain and impairs our ability to access our higher thought functions and responsivity to the unfamiliar. Equally, environmental and physical factors can adversely affect our listening response.  

If information is not enough, what else might make the difference in helping us to hear what we don’t want to hear?

This webinar considers the neuroscience of listening and suggests how to cultivate the best conditions for listening and engagement.

Dr Emily Beausoleil is a researcher and lecturer at Massey University. Part of her research focusses on strategies to facilitate listening in politics. She will discuss the neuropsychological factors that prevent messages from getting across to the listener, and what can be done to increase receptivity. 
Rodney Hansen QC (Shortland Chambers) is a mediator, arbitrator and former High Court judge. He retired from his role as judge in 2014 and has since established a practice in the specialist areas of mediation and arbitration. Rod will be contributing as a “professional listener”, suggesting some ways of improving the listening experience for all in a tribunal or mediation setting.
Garry Williams (Richmond Chambers) has more than 25 years' experience of civil and commercial litigation.  He started his career at Russell McVeagh in 1992 before moving to the UK in 1997 to work or two leading law firms. On his return to New Zealand in 2003, Garry joined Bell Gully and was a member of that firm’s litigation department until moving to the separate Bar at the beginning of 2014.


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$179.00 *
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This webinar is 1.5 hours long.

Live stream or CPD compliant recording:

This webinar is available as a live stream or you can view it as an on demand CPD product. You will be sent the on demand link one week after the live event.

Learning Objectives: 

  • awareness of cognitive bias
  • understanding neuropsychological factors
  • be conscious of environmental factors
  • learning how to reshape the listening response by addressing these factors

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