The Mentoring Programme is available to members of the NZBA. It provides an opportunity for less experienced practitioners and members who are new to the Independent Bar to receive valuable support and guidance in their professional development from other members of the NZBA.  

There are also times when a senior practitioner may need to seek the perspective of a more junior colleague. This might be in order to understand what training should be given to those who are new to the profession, to understand the expectations of those who are new to the profession or even for some advice about what training should be sought by the senior in the use of technology. The mentoring programme can facilitate this contact.

The programme is not a substitute for continuing legal education or training. Nor is it intended as a junioring scheme or a "friends panel".  Essentially, the mentor is someone who can provide a helpful "sounding board" for the mentee in advancing his or her professional development.

View the Mentoring Guidelines here.

View Background Information to Mentoring.


Our background information (see link above) outlines the benefits of a mentoring relationship for Mentors. Once you have read this and decided to proceed, please click on the link below to fill out the Mentor Application Form.

Mentor Application Form

Your form will be reviewed by the NZBA Executive Director. You will be contacted if a mentee requests that you mentor them or if the Executive Director believes you are a good match for a particular mentee. 


Our background information (see link above) provides you with more detail on the programme and how mentees can "mentor up" - in other words, help to manage the mentoring relationship.  Once you have decided to proceed, you will need to select two to three potential mentors from the Mentor List. Follow the link below:

List of Mentors

Having selected the possible mentors, fill in the Mentee Application Form and submit it.

Application For Mentoring

The  Executive Director will then consult with prospective mentors and advise the mentee who will be their mentor. If none of the mentors are available due to other commitments, the Executive Director will contact you to explore alternative mentors.