Commercial barristers (as opposed to the better known advocate barristers) are a relatively new feature of the independent bar.  Many joined the bar having been partners in large law firms and practise as specialist lawyers assisting firms and in-house legal teams in relation to complex company law, business structures, central and local government issues, banking and securities law, large scale and/or complex commercial transactions and complex procurement processes.

Examples of the type of work undertaken by commercial barristers include:

  • Share and asset sale and purchase transactions and related competition law issues.
  • Construction projects, large-scale finance driven projects such as public-private partnerships.
  • Takeovers under the Takeovers Code.
  • Public securities issues and advice on financial market conduct matters.
  • Enquiries for government departments and local government matters.
  • Large scale and/or complex procurement processes for government and territorial authority and Crown entity procurement.
  • Acting as mediators arbitrators and adjudicators.

Commercial barristers assist law firms in matters where conflicts of interest arise as they are able to provide entirely independent advice and they assist advocate barristers in complex litigation matters. 

The Bar Association has a Commercial Bar Committee whose members work on behalf of those at that specialise bar. For more information, please visit the Committee's web page or contact us.