This page provides answers to common questions about the NZBA or its activites. If you need further information, please contact us.


Questions about NZBA membership

I am a NZBA member. How do I create or update my "Find a Barrister" public profile listing?

Login using your email as your username and a password.  If you do not know your password, click on Request a new password and you will receive an email with instructions on how to create a new password. 

Under Bio on the left side menu you can add the details you would like to have publically displayed in your Find a Barrister listing. Choose the edit button to update the details.  In the first screen you will be asked to make the details public, add your email address, invited to upload your photo and describe your level of experience.

Choose About Me to add a short introductory paragraph. 

Under Contact Info you may add your contact details. 

Under CV you can upload a CV. 

If you want to edit your areas of practice, qualifications, or the regions in which you practice, you will find these under Additional Profile Information.  Remember to click on the edit button to make the changes and click save when you have finished creating the profile information.

Please note, the above information is in addition to the information we hold which contains your membership information that remains confidential to NZBA.

NOTE: If you do not want your mobile phone number or physical address publically visible, do not include these details in your bio. 

How do I become a member of the NZBA?

To join the Association, either click Learn more from the Join the NZBA blue box on the Home page or select Join Us from the homepage menu.  Select the appropriate membership type (full or associate) and the category of membership, which is based on your experience level.  The system will guide you through creating a profile (webfriend) and will send you a password.  From there you can follow the online instruction to apply for membership. 

Full Membership and some Associate Member categories will be approved and granted within a couple of days. Some Associate Member applications require approval by the Management Committee which is done at its next meeting. If you need information about membership, please phone the NZBA Administrator on (09) 303 4515 between 9am - 3pm to discuss your options. 

I am a NZBA member. How do I update/change my details?

Login to your member dashboard using your email as your username and enter your password.  Edit your membership details as required. 

Your public listing details will need to be updated under Bio.  Some details will cross both your private database details and some will need to be updated both in the bio and in the appropriate other sections (eg address, phone).  Some may not be available to you to update at all so email us and we will fix up any changes for you.

How do I download the NZBA Member Benefits App

You will need your login details and member number to download and access the Member Benefits App. This information would have been emailed to you when you joined the NZBA. If you cannot find it, please note that your login is your email address.  Your member number can be found under Personal Details in your member portal.

Once you have those, you can download the app and start using it.  Full instructions on how to do that can be downloaded here.

Or you can view a short video demonstration to assist you here.

I have downloaded my Member Benefits App previously but it has stopped working. How do I get it to work again?

If you have already downloaded the app and it was once working but does not seem to be now. Firstly visit the app store, search for the NZBA member benefits app, select it and you should have a choice to uninstall or update.  Try update first and choose the re-register option rather than the uninstall option.  If that does not work uninstall and view this video to re-install. If that does not work contact the administrator.

Events and Training

Registering for events

How do I register for an event?

Instructions for registering for an event on the NZBA website
• Go to the event
• Click on Register Attendees
• Type in your email address (the email address associated with your membership) and choose lookup –
The system should find you if you are registered as a webfriend or member.  This will help apply discounts if you are eligible to them (see below the lookup for the price you will be charged).  If not you can still continue but you will be charged full price.
• Choose Add to Cart or buy another -
depending on if you are registering one person or multiple people
• Go up to the top of menu and look in your cart.  You should have items in there but not all browsers show this so open the cart to have a look.
• Click on cart
• Check you are happy with your purchase and choose checkout
• Choose your payment method
If you choose pay on invoice then you will be invoiced and can pay later (this option may not be available to non-members)
You can also choose credit card or internet banking (Pay with POLi)
• Check the details and choose Place Order
• If you have registered correctly and completed all the steps you will next see an Order Received page
• Details will arrive in your email inbox and a copy of the invoice if you have chosen pay on account.

How do I see my CPD points?

Your profile will show the CPD points you have earned from 1 April 2017.  Look under My Content, CPD Diary.  CPD records for previous periods can be obtained by contacting the Administrator at NZBA.  Click here with your CPD request.

Legal Profession

Questions about lawyers and legal practice

I am barrister attending a court ceremony - what court attire should I wear?

For those wishing to appear at the ceremony (i.e. those wishing to sit in front of the bar) attire is either:

  1. full ceremonial attire – which includes a wig, white court shirt, bands, black jacket and gown; or
  2. a gown over business clothing.

(Wigs should not be worn unless full traditional attire is selected).

Otherwise, barristers who are not attired in one of those ways may join the ceremony by sitting behind the bar, in the public gallery.

Why is there an option to search for a barrister by gender?

While the NZBA fully supports equality and diversity, we recognise that some issues are sensitive and the client may prefer to discuss it with a barrister of a particular gender.  For this reason gender is included in the advanced search options of our Find a Barrister list.

What is a barrister?

Many lawyers in New Zealand practise as solicitors (also known as barristers and solicitors) and work in law firms, companies or for government departments. A barrister is someone who practises at the Independent Bar. They are specialist litigators or advisors. The members of the NZBA are barristers.

I am not happy with my lawyer and would like to make a complaint.

The New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) is responsible for regulating lawyers (including barristers) who practise law in New Zealand. It operates the Lawyers Complaints Service. The Service handles all complaints about:

  • Lawyers or former lawyers;
  • Incorporated law firms or former incorporated law firms;
  • People who are not lawyers but who are or were an employee of a lawyer or an incorporated law firm.

Complaints about former lawyers/incorporated law firms can only be made if the conduct complained about occurred when the person concerned was a lawyer.

Click here to be directed to the NZLS Complaints Service.

How do I find a lawyer or barrister?

On our home page banner, there is a search box for you to Find a Barrister.  If you know the name of the barrister you want, type it in and press enter.  If you do not have a particular barrister in mind, you can search without a name and filter by region and/or practice area. Choose Advanced Search and select the appropriate filter options. For example, you can look for all commercial barristers in Christchurch. If you can't find anyone in the field you are looking at, take out the location and see if you can find someone nearby.  Most barristers are happy to travel to represent clients in other locations.

If you are looking for a solicitor (not a barrister), follow this link to the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) Get legal help section.

I am a barrister or lawyer from overseas and would like to come and work in New Zealand.

Lawyers from other jurisdictions wanting to come to New Zealand to work will need to apply through the Law Society. Information is available on their website. You can also information relating to working and living in New Zealand on the New Zealand Now website.