The NZBA training programme concentrates on advocacy, negotiation and dispute resolution skills. It focusses on the core skills that advocates need to successfully represent and advise their clients.  We present practical CPD training in the form of seminars, workshops, webinars and online courses.

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How much does it cost?

The cost depends on whether you are a member, what type of training event it is, and what type of member you are (junior barristers generally pay less than there more senior counterparts. HOWEVER, most of our webinars are FREE to members.

CPD Events and Webinars

These are live events, held either in person or broadcast to your desktop as a webinar. You have the opportunity to ask questions and hear the questions asked by others.  

Mastering Advocacy - Practical Workshops

The NZBA's Mastering Advocacy Programme provides an opportunity to practice advocacy skills in a supportive and collegial environment. It uses a combination of theory, performance and critique to ensure that each participant receives the maximum learning experience. Advocates will have an opportunity to view a range of skills and styles over the course of the workshop, and will gain insight into what might work for them.  The Faculty consists of senior members of the profession as well as current and retired members of the judiciary. Find out more about Mastering Advocacy here.

Online Courses

Online courses are programmes which you access via your browser and which you complete at your own pace and in your own time. They range from recorded webinars with accompanying quizzes, through to fully interactive modules made up of a mixture of a presentation or video, and/or reading materials and online quizzes. If you start a course, you can stop part way through and come back to it later.

Our Presenters

The NZBA is fortunate in that it can call on some of the top barristers in New Zealand to present its training programmes. We are careful to select presenters who not only have technical expertise, but are experienced in training others.