Changes to the NZBA's Rules of Association

The pandemic and New Zealand’s response to it has seen a significant focus from the Council on financial management. As it became apparent that we wouldn’t have the benefit this year of income from our conference and advocacy training workshops, we focused on our cashflow forecasts and on adjustments to our budget.

That, in turn, led to a substantive review of our governance structures and policies and, through a newly created Governance Working Group, to the creation of new governance, financial management and risk management policies.

The policies will put the Association on a firm footing in the years ahead and will enable us to manage the Association more appropriately in the complex world in which we are operating.

In order to give effect to the policies, a number of changes to the Association’s rules were needed. The rule review process provided an opportunity, not only to give effect to our new policies but to tidy up rules which were either outdated or which could be improved. Key changes, as approved at the Association’s AGM on 10 September, include:

  • two-year terms for Council members to achieve continuity;
  • better co-option powers to assist the Council in achieving gender balance and diversity and to ensure that, where possible, a member of the Council is of Māori descent;
  • an ability for the Council to conduct business and make decisions electronically;
  • improved powers of delegation to the Council’s Management Committee, Executive Director and members;
  • an ability for the Council, rather than the Association as a whole, to set levies at a time that aligns with the Council’s budget process and financial year – and an ability to receive levy payments by instalment.

The new Council, which begins its term next week, will now be able to exercise its co-option powers more effectively so that it better reflects the diversity of the Association’s members. It will be able to settle the functions of the Management Committee and to put in place a set of delegations that will enable us to manage the Association effectively.

The governance review has been a thoroughly worthwhile process and will make a real difference in the delivery of benefits and services to you, our members.

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