The NZBA is working hard to support its members while the country is dealing with Covid 19. We are liaising with the courts, the New Zealand Law Society and other professional bodies.  See our news page for latest advisories. But most important of all, please stay in touch. Let us know how you're doing. Suggest ways that others can cope or help.

We have gathered a mix of help sheets and general information to help and will continue to add to it.  Kate Davenport QC has also a support page in which she will tell you about developments and what we are doing.

He waka eke noa - We are all in this together.

Swearing an oath

Oaths, Declarations and Wills

The Government has made two orders under the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006. The first modifies the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 to enable an oath, an affirmation, or a declaration to be administered or taken using an audiovisual or audio link instead of in the presence of the person swearing the oath or making the affirmation or declaration. The second modifies requirements imposed by section 11 of the Wills Act 2007 requiring that a will be signed in the physical presence of 2 witnesses. They are both temporary and will be revoked when the  Epidemic Preparedness (COVID-19) Notice 2020 expires or is revoked. Read more

Supreme Court Room 3

Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Remote Hearings Protocol

A protocol for remote hearings in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal was issued on 17 April 2020 by Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann and the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Stephen Kós. This is available on the website, but we have set it out in full on our website for your convenience. Please refer to the original text before engaging in a remote hearing as the protocol is subject to revision.

Coat of Arms

Guidelines for District Court Practitioners during period of Epidemic Notice

Chief District Court Judge Taumaunu has approved guidelines for practitioners in relation to unsworn affidavits and electronic filing. Read more

New processes for bail, home detention and community-based sentences

The Solicitor-General has clarified her reasons for circulating to the wider profession a letter dated 7 April 2020 which was sent to prosecutors. The letter outlined new processes for bail, home detention and community-based sentences. Members of the defence bar have responded to her correspondence.

Read more

High Court

High Court (COVID-19 Preparedness) Amendment Rules 2020

The High Court (COVID-19 Preparedness) Amendment Rules 2020 came into effect on 9 April 2020 immediately upon their publication in the Gazette. These Rules help with the continuation of civil proceedings in the High Court during the outbreak of COVID-19. The new rules can be found on the website. Read a summary of the rules here.

Department of Corrections Advisories

The NZBA has received the following information from the Department of Corrections

Approach to statutory visitors during COVID-19 Alert Level 4 

Approach to Prisoners' access to counsel during Alert Level 4

Please click here to see an updated PDF list of the prison email addresses to facilitate lawyer correspondence during the pandemic

Employment Court and Employment Relations Authority

Alert Level 3 Update received from Chief Employment Court Judge, Her Hon. Christina Inglis on 24 April 2020.

A further update has been received from Chief Employment Court Judge, Her Hon. Christina Inglis on 14 April 2020.

An update has been received from the Employment Court along with earlier correspondence from The Employment Relations Authority (the Authority) has provided an update on arrangements it has made to deal with applications and investigations during the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions (the restrictions). These relate to:

  • Service of statements of problem
  • Affirmation of witness statements for Authority investigations
  • Affirmation of affidavits for interim applications
  • Directions to mediation:
  • Timeframes for personal grievances

See full details here

District Court sign

Advisory from the District Court - 1 April 2020

The NZBA has recevied the following update from the Chief District Court Judge, His Hon Judge Heemi Taumaunu regarding proceedings in the District Court during alert level 4.

The full story and a list of the courts where Virtual Meeting Room facilities are being established can be found on our news page

Swearing on a bible

Administration of Oaths and Declarations - Covid 19 implications

One of the nightmares for all involved in cases is what to do about swearing affidavits while the Covid 19 lockdown continues. There may be a couple of options open to practitioners

Blended family

Statement from the Principal Family Court Judge - shared care

In response to questions raised about the management of children from families who have shared care or contact arrangements pursuant to Family Court orders, the Principal Family Court Judge, Jacquelyn Moran, has offered the following guidance.

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health has provided further independent guidance to the public. This should be applied consistently with the Principal Family Court Judge’s guidance.

Court's Arrangements following the rise to COVID-19 alert level 4

Following the announcement of the imminent move to a level 4 alert and lockdown, the Chief Justice has written to the profession. She advises that Courts are an essential service. However, for the remainder of this week they will operate only in the priority areas identified on 22 March, namely

  • Liberty of the individual
  • Personal safety and wellbeing
  • Matters in which resolution is time-critical.

Read the Chief Justice's letter


  Updates from the
  Employment Court can be found here

Working from Home - man at computer

Working from Home - the tech stuff

Our tech gurus (aka Phillip Cornegé, Josh McBride and Felix Geiringer) have put together some information to help you through the process of transitioning to work from home.

They have suggested some hardware and software options and provided links to useful material.

They will be regularly updating this page and providing other advice.

Using Zoom

Connect NZ have provided us with PDFs explaining how to use Zoom including

Once you have tried e-meetings and got used to them, you may surprise yourself with how often you will use them!

At times like these you need...

We are all worried about finances. Our member benefits include significant savings on insurance*, the Lexis Nexis e-library package, Thomson Reuters deals and commercial benefits such as savings from Noel Leeming, Office Max, Guthrie Bowron, Bunnings. 

There are two ways to access these savings but BOTH require you to login using your member id (which is the email address that we send your member updates to) and your password.  You can access your savings via:

  1. Our Member benefit app
  2. The website member benefits section

Find out more from the Member Benefits page.

Notice from Office Max is that they remain open online.  View notice here.

Are you okay?

If you are not experiencing some stress at this time, you must have nerves of steel or be meditating non-stop. The question is what degree of stress is too much and at what point you need to seek help. This is something we all have to watch and the most important thing you can do is say you need help or ask others if they are okay.

The New Zealand Law Society is offering a free and confidential professional counselling service through Vitae, one of New Zealand’s most experienced providers of workplace wellbeing services. This is available to anyone in a legal workplace – lawyers and non-lawyers. You can have counselling via phone or videolink as well as face to face.