Unlocking your purposeful retirement - Webinar

7:00pm Tuesday, 5 December 2023
8:00pm Tuesday, 5 December 2023
Auckland, unknown 0000
New Zealand

Our partners at MAS have invited members of New Zealand Bar Association to attend this unique live online event on Tuesday 5 December at 7:00pm.     

MAS is a mutual insurance and investment company that has been offering financial services and advice to New Zealand professionals for over 100 years. You’re invited to hear Australian retirement expert Dr Jon Glass and the MAS Investment team speak in a MAS online event on unlocking finding your purpose and managing your money in retirement.

Live online event: Tuesday 5 December, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Unlocking your purposeful retirement is a must-attend online event for anyone who’s starting to prepare for life after the pay cheque stops.


Dr Jon Glass: Retirement coach

Jon Glass is a former mathematician and investment specialist who has developed a system for thinking about and planning a purposeful retirement. Jon’s philosophy is rooted in his own experience when he retired from a successful career in the finance industry. He was in great shape financially and physically, but like most retirees, he’d neglected to consider what he describes as the far greater question. He had a PhD in pure mathematics from Cambridge University, but he hadn’t even considered the emotional equation at the heart of his post work life: What’s my purpose in retirement?

Jon will discuss his thinking and outline the system he has developed to help people who are already retired or thinking about slowing down their work lives. 

MAS CEO, Jason McCracken, will host the event and ask your questions of our participants. Chief Investments Product Officer, Helen McDowall and Head of Growth (Investments), Jules Riley, will talk about your financial health for retirement: how to prepare in the decade before you stop working, how much you’ll need, and how to invest now to be comfortable later.   

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