• Every person who is a holder of a current practising certificate issued by the New Zealand Law Society, which entitles them to practise as a barrister sole (that is, not as a barrister and solicitor) may be a full member of the NZBA;
  • Full members may display their professional details on the NZBA Find a Barrister website list;
  • Full members are entitled to receive member pricing at training (both in person and via live and recorded webinars) and social events, attend the NZBA Annual Conference, receive the NZBA At the Bar publication and regular email newsletters, as well as access the wide range of membership benefits;
  • Full members are eligible to become and remain a member of the Council and to nominate and vote for the office of President and for members of the Bar Council, to vote at or requisition meetings of the NZBA and receive notice of such meetings.

GST exclusive membership pricing:

  • Full Member - Barrister 0-3 Years $108.70 plus GST $16.30 = total $125.00
  • Full Member - Barrister 4-7 Years $173.91 plus GST $26.09 = total $200.00
  • Full Member - Barrister 7+ Years $347.83 plus GST $52.17 = total $400.00
  • Full Member - QC $608.70 plus GST $91.30 = total $700.00

Membership pricing below includes GST and is pro-rated to our membership year which runs from 1 April to 31 March.

NB: the full membership category is calculated from the year of your admission and not the date you commenced practice as a barrister sole.

Full Member - Barrister 0 - 3 Years
Full Member - Barrister 4 - 7 Years
Full Member - Barrister 7+ Years
Full Member - QC