By developing initiatives and undertaking activities to mitigate against bias towards persons who have been traditionally underrepresented at Bar, the Diversity Committee intends to provide for the professional needs and aspirations of all persons at the independent Bar. The Diversity Committee will seek to promote inclusiveness at the Bar regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious belief, culture, and physical ability. The Committee will promote the independent Bar as an opportunity to all persons seeking to practice law and assist all persons to see the Bar as a viable career choice where they will be supported to have a fulfilling legal career.  It:

  • identifies people who as a group may be under-represented at the Bar;
  • promotes inclusiveness at the Bar regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, and physical ability;
  • develops and reviews policies and initiatives across the wider profession; and
  • raises awareness of and sensitivity in respect of cultural, ethinicity, gender and physical needs or issues.

Committee Members