Life cycle of an ERA Application – from lodgement to determination (CPD 1.5 hrs)

5:00pm Monday, 4 March 2024
6:30pm Monday, 4 March 2024
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Join our chair Geoff Davenport (from our Employment Law and Privacy Committee), for a kōrero with Employment Relation Authority members Marija Urlich and David Beck about lodging ERA applications.

This is a session full of practical tips and insights including:

  • lodgement of initiating documents – what does Form 1 require, issues with service
  • is there a place for more concessions or acceptance of liability and applications for remedies-only determinations?
  • the Authority’s duty to consider mediation (can mediation be arranged without needing to file a Statement in Reply?)
  • interim injunctions – statutory requirements
  • preliminary matters for determination
  • making the most of the case management conference  
  • importance of compliance with timetabling directions
  • getting relevant information before the Authority – inter-party cooperation, and when does a common bundle of documents assist?
  • witness statements – how they can help address, for example, the statutory justification test
  • assembling evidence pertaining to remedies sought and countering this
  • responding to representatives/claimants who keep adding facts and claims to their case (filing late evidence, adding new claims)
  • the investigation meeting –
    • preparing for the investigation meeting - an issues-based approach
    • accessibility – working with translators/vulnerable people/people with disabilities/AVL or hybrid investigation meetings
    • effective questioning
  • submissions – what is most effective in content and presentation
  • the determination
  • costs

Our Presenters


David Beck

David Beck has been a member of the Employment Relations Authority since February 2020, based in the Christchurch-Otautahi rohe.  Prior to this, David was an employment lawyer and education law specialist with significant collective bargaining and litigation experience appearing for clients in mediations, the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court and The Teachers’ Council Disciplinary Tribunal. David has over 35 years’ experience in the field of employment relations and employment law, including working as a union official and government-appointed Commissioner and Limited Statutory Manager in schools for the Ministry of Education.


Marija Urlich

Marija Urlich graduated LLB/BA from Auckland University in 1994 and was admitted to the Bar that year. She has advised on and appeared in a range of matters, including employment, immigration and professional disciplinary proceedings and has held warrants for the Employment Relations Authority and Disputes Tribunal. She is currently a Member of the Employment Relations Authority with responsibility for professional leadership in training and development.


Geoff Davenport  

Capital Chambers, Wellington

Geoff has been a specialist employment lawyer for over 30 years. He has worked in New Zealand and overseas, including for the United Nations. Geoff has a Masters Degree in Law, focusing on issues of good faith in employment. He acts for public and private sector employers, unions and employees throughout the country and commenced at the Bar in May 2019. 


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