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About barristers

  • What is the difference between barristers and other lawyers
  • How to hire a barrister and what you need to tell them
  • How much does it cost to hire a barrister?
  • How do I find a barrister?
  • I can't afford to pay for a barrister

About the Government and the Law 

  • Who's in charge - the government or the judges?
  • Do we have a constitution?
  • What is the rule of law and why should you care?
  • Is the law really an ass?
  • How do we change laws

Common Questions

  • Name suppression and why people get it
  • Sentencing
  • Media comments on cases before the courts

Judges and their decisions

  • Criticising judges
  • Are judges accountable?
  • Complaints about judges

Complaints about lawyers

  • What sort of thing can you complain about?
  • Who to complain to

Access to Justice, Diversity and the Legal Profession

  • Ensuring access to justice
  • Equity and diversity in the legal profession