Mastering Advocacy: Effective Written and Oral Advocacy and How to Maximise Both (June 2018)

How persuasive are you? Could you do better? Presented by Clive Elliott QC and chaired by Hon. Rhys Harrison QC, this webinar will help you to prepare effective written submissions and then to combine them with powerful oral submissions, to achieve maximum persuasive impact. Learn more about this webinar.

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Learn more about this webinar.

CPD Credit and Learning Outcomes.

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About this On Demand Webinar

This webinar outlines techniques for maximising both your written and oral advocacy.Justice Antonin Scalia once said that judges can only be persuaded once three conditions have been met:

  1. They must have a clear idea what you are asking the court to do;
  2. They must be assured that it is within court’s power to do it;
  3. After hearing reasons for doing what you are asking, and reasons for doing other things or doing nothing at all, they must conclude that what you are asking is best - both in your case and in cases that will follow.

Presented by Clive Elliott QC and chaired by Hon. Rhys Harrison QC, the webinar outlines the techniques for improving your ability to persuade the judge that what you are asking for is best. It will help you to prepare effective written submissions and then to combine them with powerful oral submissions, to achieve maximum persuasive impact. 

The webinar will use examples and give practical tips. It will consider:

  • The key qualities of an effective advocate
  • The nature of persuasion
  • The process of persuasion - do's and don'ts
  • Preparing written submissions from start to finish
  • Presenting oral submissions - roadmaps, bridges and the cohesive whole
  • Discussing issues with judges
  • Finishing strongly
  • The reply

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Our Presenters:

Clive Elliott QC is a barrister, patent attorney and arbitrator. Before going to the Bar, he was a partner and headed the litigation team at Baldwin Shelston Waters.

Clive practises in both New Zealand and Australia. He specialises in IP, technology and media areas and has appeared as lead counsel in a number of leading intellectual property cases, many of which are reported. He has been named in the  International Who's Who of Patent Lawyers and of Internet & E-Commerce Lawyers and the World Trademark Review’s World's Leading Trademark Professionals.

Clive is also an experienced advocacy trainer. He is a member of the NZBA's Mastering Advocacy Faculty, and has in the past been a part time lecturer in the post-graduate Masters course at both the Department of Law and the Department of Commercial Law at Auckland University.

Clive Elliott was the NZBA President from April 2016 to September 2018. For more information about him, refer to his website.

Hon Rhys Harrison QC is a former Court of Appeal judge and an abritrator.  He graduated from Auckland University in 1970. He spent a year employed as a clerk to Godfrey Binaisa QC, former Attorney General of Uganda in 1972, before returning to practice with solicitors in Auckland, becoming a partner, first with Haddow & Co in 1975 and later with McElroy Milne and Milne Meek in 1978. He went into practice as a barrister in 1987 and was appointed a Queen's Counsel in 1994.

Justice Harrison made several appearances before the Privy Council during the period 1992‑1999.  He also spent some years as a member of the Panel of Prosecutors for the Serious Fraud Office. 

Justice Harrison was appointed a Temporary Judge of the High Court in 2001 and became a permanent High Court Judge in 2002. In July 2010 he was appointed to the Court of Appeal Bench, where he sat until his retirement in February 2018.

CPD Credit and Learning Outcomes

Credit: 1.5 hours

Learning outcomes

Webinar attendees will take away key rules and tips that will help improve their advocacy skills.

1.5 hours

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