The NZBA is governed by a Bar Council, membership of which is determined annually by the election procedure prescribed in the NZBA Rules. The membership of the Council for the next term (commencing 1 October each year) is confirmed annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Bar Council comprises the President, Treasurer, Secretary and other office bearers and members. A list of the current Bar Council members can be found here.

Meetings of the Bar Council are usually convened on twelve weekly basis, or more frequently if necessary, to manage the business of the NZBA and to liaise with and contribute to the legal profession.

The NZBA has a sub-committee structure to assist the Bar Council to deal with the wide range of matters considered by the Bar Council. The NZBA also relies on its active sub-committees as a means to provide services and support to members. Details on the current committees can be found here.

Members should feel free to contact any of the Council members - or the President - with any matters they would like raised on their behalf at future Council meetings.

The NZBA Council meetings are scheduled on the following dates:

19 February 2020Auckland
7 May 2020E-Meeting
2 July 2020E-Meeting
9 September 2020TBA
5 October 2020E-Meeting
26 November 2020E-Meeting