The NZBA committees comprise members of the Bar Council and other NZBA members. If you are interested in serving on a committee(s), please contact NZBA Secretariat

The Committees

Access to Justice Working Group

Access to justice is a fundamental part of the rule of law. The NZBA supports the work of the judiciary and profession in ensuring that all sectors of the community have effective access to justice.

This Working Group is part of our Law Reform Committee. It:

  • supports the work of the judiciary and profession in ensuring that all sectors of the community have effective access to justice;
  • investigates alternative ways of delivering justice; and
  • considers how to increase the availability of quality legal representation for those who need it.

Learn about the members of the Access to Justice Working Group.

Annual Conference Sub-Committee

The Annual Conference Sub-Committee is part of our Education Committee. It is tasked with running the NZBA annual conference, including deciding on the conference venue, programme and speakers. Learn more about the sub-committee and its members.

Bar Care Panel

The NZBA recognises the pressures and emotional challenges experienced by members of the bar. The Bar Care Panel provides confidential contacts for those who need to talk about a matter that affects their wellbeing. 

The Panel is overseen by the Practice & Bar Care Committee.

Learn more about the members of this Panel.

Commercial Bar Sub-Committee

Commercial barristers are specialist lawyers assisting firms and in-house legal teams in relation to complex commercial and public law matters. This sub-committee is part of the Membership Committee. It informs and advises the NZBA council on matters relevant to members of the Commercial Bar.  Learn more about this sub-committee and its members

Criminal Committee

The Criminal Committee committee:

  • considers issues related to the administration of criminal justice;
  • assists the Council and Secretariat with public comments on matters that will affect both members and the wider public;
  • it works on law reform issues; and
  • consults with the Education Committee, and in particular its training sub-committee, on training for members of the criminal bar.

Learn about the members of this committee

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee seeks to advance the NZBA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It:

  • identifies people who as a group may be under-represented at the Bar;
  • promotes inclusiveness at the Bar regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, and physical ability;
  • develops and reviews policies and initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion; 
  • promotes policy changes and initiatives across the wider profession; and
  • raises awareness of and sensitivity in respect of cultural, ethinicity, gender and physical needs or issues.

Learn more about the members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Education Committee

Our Education committee consists of three sub-committees:

Follow the links above or refer to the separate entries on this page for more information about these committees.

Law Reform Committee

This committee:

  • informs the membership of relevant proposals or legislation;
  • consults members on proposals or legislation and considers their responses;
  • submits views to relevant agencies or Select Committees; and
  • promotes law reform or policy change where needed; and
  • liaises with the courts to ensure the efficient administration of justice.

Learn about the members of the Law Reform Committee.

Management Committee

Council has delegated certain powers to the Management Committee to ensure the smooth running of the Association's day to day activities. The Committee is comprised of Paul Radich QC (Chair - President); Kate Davenport QC (Immediate Past President), Simon Foote QC (Vice President - Auckland), David O'Neill (Treasurer and Vice-President Waikato/Bay of Plenty), Anne Toohey (Vice-President, South Island), and Quentin Duff (Council Member - Auckland).  All enquiries about the Management Committee should be directed to Jacqui Thompson.

Membership Committee

This committee:

  • advises the Council on matters relating to members;
  • promotes NZBA services and benefits for members;
  • promotes membership of the organisation to those who qualify;
  • considers the needs of the junior, advisory/commercial and specialist bars; and
  • considers the needs of associate members.

Learn about the members of the Membership Committee.

Practice and Bar Care Committee

This committee:

  • provides resources and information about practising at the Bar;
  • runs the mentoring programme;
  • promotes conduct and values policies and rules;
  • recommends initiatives to provide support for those at the Bar and their support staff;
  • promotes wellbeing at the Bar, including overseeing the operations of the Bar Care Panel.

Learn about the members of the Practice and Bar Care Committee.

Promotion of Bar Committee

This committee:

  • markets and promotes the NZBA and the independent bar;
  • provides communications and PR support for the Secretariat;
  • publishes the NZBA newsletter;
  • liaises with external PR consultants as needed; and
  • promotes the NZBA internationally, including by way of the NZBA international liaison (usually the President of the NZBA).

Learn more about the Promotion of the Bar Committee members.

Technology Sub-Committee

This sub-committee is part of our Education Committee. It:

  • advises the Council on technology matters relevant to practice at the bar or to the Association's own functions and practices;
  • advises the Council on intellectual property best practice;
  • in consultation with the Training Sub-Committee, provides training on relevant litigation technologies; and
  • works with the Law Reform Committee to advise and make submissions on technology matters affecting the practice of law as it affects the bar, the administration of justice or access to justice.

Learn about the Technology Sub-Committee.

Training and CPD Sub-Committee

This sub-committee is part of our Education Committee. It:

  • presents practical CPD training;
  • identifies skills and knowledge gaps of those at the various bars;
  • offers assistance with CPD training;
  • supports the other committees with training initiatives to enable them to achieve their goals.

Learn about the Training Sub-Committee.