The NZBA committees comprise members of the Bar Council and other NZBA members. If you are interested in serving on a committee(s), please contact NZBA Secretariat

The Committees

Advocacy Committee

This committee focuses on law reform.  It is involved in reviewing and monitoring legislation, liaising with the MOJ, courts, and other stakeholders.  It is also involved in addressing access to justice initiatives. 

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Te Ao Māori Komiti

This committee has been created to promote, across all activities, te reo Māori, tikanga Māori, and te Triti o Waitangi

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Commercial Bar Committee

Commercial barristers are specialist lawyers who advise on complex commercial and public law matters. The committee informs and advises the NZBA council on matters relevant to members of the Commercial Bar.  

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Criminal Committee

The Criminal Committee committee:

  • considers issues related to the administration of criminal justice;
  • assists the Council and Secretariat with public comments on matters that will affect both members and the wider public;
  • works on law reform issues; and
  • consults with the Education Committee, and in particular its training sub-committee, on training for members of the criminal bar.

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee seeks to advance the NZBA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It:

  • identifies people who as a group may be under-represented at the Bar;
  • promotes inclusiveness at the Bar regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, and physical ability;
  • develops and reviews policies and initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion; 
  • promotes policy changes and initiatives across the wider profession; and
  • raises awareness of and sensitivity in respect of cultural, ethnicity, gender, and physical needs or issues.

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Education Committee

Our Education committee organises webinars, training, online resources, and the annual conference.  It promotes the development of advocacy skills and other training relevant to the independent bar.

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Employment Law and Privacy Committee

Our Employment Law and Privacy Committee has been established to enhance and develop NZBA’s application and offering to barristers working in the area of Employment Law, Privacy, and related areas like Human Rights.

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Family Law Committee

Our Family Law Committee considers the needs of family barristers and how the Association can support their practice at the bar.

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Junior Barrister Committee

The purpose of the New Zealand Bar Association Junior Barrister Committee is to foster and develop a strong and collegial network of junior barristers and barristers’ clerks throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The Committee arranges social, educational and professional development events. 

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Management Committee

Management Committee monitors and assists with the day-to-day running of the Association.

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Membership and Wellbeing Committee

This committee is involved in the Association's mentoring programme, collegiality events, mental health support, resources, and member benefits.

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