International Affiliations

The New Zealand Bar Association holds memberships with the following organistions:

  • The International Bar Association and it's Bar Issues Commission, which supports the interests of the IBA’s member organisations. This includes arranging events to discuss issues that affect the legal profession globally; working groups that develop resources and guidelines for bar associations and a Policy Committee advising IBA Council on key IBA resolutions and statements. Click here for more information.
  • The International Council of Advocates and Barristers (ICAB). Click here for more information. The New Zealand Bar Association is a signatory of the Edinburgh Declaration (below), which contains a series of resolutions defending the independence of the courts and the legal profession across the world.
  • The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration. Click here for more information about the AIJA. Click here for a list of AIJA publications.

Sponsors & Service Providers